The WICB saga heats up

Contentious issues
The WICB leadership cannot avoid having to respond to several questions:
• Is the WICB President’s office in St Lucia in a building owned by an insurance company in which Julian Hunte has a vested interest?
• Can the vested interest of Julian Hunte in the particular company such that the location of the WICB President’s office there can be construed as conflict of interest?
• Did the information carried in the Trinidad Guardian constitute a leak?
• Was Tony Deyal the source of the information provided?
• Was the information used by the Trinidad Guardian generally in the public domain?
• Is there any justification for the WICB’s action in respect of Tony Deyal?
•  Is the Board justified in its decision in respect of the CEO?

Of course the answers to the aforementioned questions are likely to emerge in the courts and not necessarily from the WICB big wigs.
The fact is that the WICB has acted rather quickly and in the process may have inadvertently gone about it the wrong way. In any event the issues will now be brought out in the open and will constitute the stuff of public discourse across the Caribbean for the next several weeks and months, none of which the organisation would wish to see occur.

Gayle’s departure
Chris Gayle should never have been made captain of the West Indies team at the time that the appointment was made. The WICB had earlier appointed Ramnaresh Sarwan of Guyana captain of the team. It was unfortunate that not long after having been appointed, Sarwan was sidelined by injury. It was while he was injured that Gayle was appointed to serve as the stand-in. Before we knew it the charmed Clive Lloyd was part of a chorus of people suggesting that Gayle was ready for the captaincy.