The WICB saga heats up

It may well be that Gayle’s decision to opt out of the captaincy would provide the WICB with the opportunity to engage in a more deliberate analysis of what is required by the team at this juncture and who is best placed at the regional level to adequately fit. Modern management suggests that leaders can be made through the systematic education of individuals who are involved in playing the game. We have never heard of the WICB engaging anyone in the process of being educated for leadership of the team. Indeed the entire team appears to lack education, a fact that may well have serious implications for our capacity, or lack thereof, to emerge from the doldrums of the game in which we find ourselves.
There is no sport in which intelligence is not required to reach the top.

Strategic Plan
The WICB is set to have a meeting of stakeholders to determine the way forward. That seems to translate into pouring over the latest Strategic Plan. An important question would be, whose plan?
Perhaps at some later stage we would be graciously provided with an appropriate answer.
The WICB is like LIAT. One is never sure what to expect so one expects the unexpected. One is also certain that information would be so valued that it does not flow with any measure of generosity. One is left to do like Alice in Wonderland, simply stay one place and wonder about what is happening all around you.
The WICB seems to treasure itself. There seems little interest in the advice provided by others outside the cabal.
Over the past several years there have been several attempts by different individuals and groupings to draw attention to the slump in the sport in the region and its implications as well as address several possible solutions. Even the CARICOM Heads got into the act, seemingly holding the view that the WICB may have wanted help in addressing the crisis in the game in the region. No such luck.
The CARICOM Committee on Cricket has had no more success than any columnist in St Vincent and the Grenadines relative to impacting the decision-making process at the WICB.