Time for a national dialogue on sport

That the LOC is still in existence with a mandate to complete the works it began almost two years ago is indicative of our complete lack of care and commitment to efficiency and the maintenance of high standards.
We are told now that there will be an official handing over of the facilities to the NSC on 11 February 2008.one is at a loss to understand how an LOC can be handing over to the NSc all that which belongs to the NSC in the first place. It is even more facetious when one recognises that the NSC always had representation on the LOC.
A quick perusal of the facilities at Arnos Vale reflects incompetence in several areas many of which have been highlighted in previous Columns.
There is an urgent need therefore for the authorities to determine who is in charge of what in respect of the sporting facilities across the state.
A more recent example was the experience some weeks ago of Team Athletics SVG (TASVG) having been granted use of Arnos Vale # 1 for a Mini Meet only to be approached on the morning the activity by a gentlemen who dared to suggest that he did not know who gave permission but permission ought not to have been given. A few days later it was the turn of the national cricket team involved in their final practice before leaving for Antigua for their first 20/20 encounter. Someone wanted the workers to place chemicals on the field even as the said facility was in use.
We are also made to understand that Arnos Vale # 1 is for competition purposes and not training. This begs the questions: Where do the schools go to train? How are our athletes to adequately prepare themselves for competition at the local, regional and international level utilising particularly uneven surfaces in different parts of the country? What kind of representation can we expect of these athletes? Are our athletes to desist from participating in regional and international competitions until such time as they are accorded adequate facilities?