Time for a national dialogue on sport

Of importance here is the inability of anyone to point schools in the direction of adequately prepared facilities or to a regimen that time tables the use of the existing facilities by different sporting groups.
There is evidence that different agencies are operating at cross purposes and the only ones to suffer are the athletes. These are the very persons on whom this country relies for regional and international success.
It is clear that there is a very large measure of misunderstanding about the sports development process and that the national sports policy is often not worth the paper on which it is written.

Over the years we have been told that the NSC is some sort of umbrella organization for sporting development in the country. There is little evidence that this is in fact the case.
Since being in existence the NSC has done precious little regarding the systematic development of playing fields around St Vincent and the Grenadines. It is now to be expected that with monies received under the ALBA agreement funds would be made available to upgrade sports facilities. This country’s failure to enter into a full commitment to the ALBA may well impact this component of the NSC’s work.
In any given year the NSC is known for its hosting of the National Sports Awards which is officially not part of its mandate but which it does anyway. That emerges as the organisation’s major public relations gambit for any given year.
The various sporting organizations are asked annually to submit a series of documents to the NSC and are yet to understand the usefulness of this exercise since it does not in any way prove to be of any real benefit to them.
The request for funding from the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) must be channelled through the NSC which simply passes it along. When one seeks a response on whether or not assistance has been secured one is then told to check directly with the NLA. One is therefore left to wonder what exactly is the purpose of sending the request via the NSC.