Time for a national dialogue on sport

In essence therefore the NSC does not and cannot provide leadership in relation to the national sport development process in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Sport for All
Derek Casey, a former head of the National Sports Council in the UK noted the importance of sport at three levels: the individual, the community and the country.

At the individual level sport facilitates an opportunity for enjoyment. It is highly recreational.
Additionally sport allows for social contacts to be extended beyond family, neighbourhood, ethnic and racial groupings as well as school.
Sport allows the individual to enjoy health and fitness benefits from participation and may eventually lead to improved performances by those whose talents support a movement from the recreational to the competitive level in the respective sporting disciplines.

Sport provides a community with a common interest.
Older Vincentians are apt to recall the community support of each of the major sporting clubs of this country in years gone by. They readily recall the support for Avenues, Roseans and Notre Dames to name a few.
In the 1990s this was still evident in the support of communities from Layou, Barrouallie, Frenches and Sion Hill in the local football competitions. The passion of the community support was tremendous.
Sport is an important vehicle for community development. NGOs everywhere are very late in their understanding and appreciation of this reality.