Too much Confusion

One example is the playing field at Redemption Sharpes.
Since the flurry of activities for election purposes late last year work has virtually ceased on the facility. Even the hasty construction of the pavilion has not been fully completed, making it evident that the work was definitely directed at winning the seat in the December 7 general elections last year.
The Sharpes playing field has not been prepared for grassing and hence it will be several months before any preparatory work can bring it to the state required for appropriate grassing.
The NSC did not have any immediate plans to grass some of the fields to which the grass from Sion Hill and Arnos Vale are now being taken and one wonders whether the grass would be of any use at these fields by the time the NSC gets around to working on them.
The staff at the NSC servicing the grounds around the country are still predominantly those located at Arnos Vale and hence cannot adequately deal with the number of playing fields even in terms of ongoing maintenance far less the grassing of these facilities in the time frame that the current activities seem to warrant.
The failure of the NSC to effectively develop Area Sports Committees that among other things will undertake responsibility for the ongoing development and maintenance of sports facilities, now reveals itself with a vengeance, haunting the leadership of this organisation.
What we are looking at is a classic case of failure to plan.

Cricket! Cricket! Cricket!
There are times when one is forced to question whether in the eyes of the National Sports Council cricket is the only sport that matters in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
One does not here level blame at the cricket association or the cricket fraternity at large. Clearly, if one can get more facilities to develop one’s sport then all power to the organisation for having done so.
The cricket authorities here must be commended for doing what is required to gain access to more and better playing facilities than the other sporting disciplines. They must not be blamed for this.