Towards London 2012

In other instances there are no teachers or community leaders willing to step forward to learn the process and acquire the skills needed to carry on the programme between sessions led by the national association.

Despite the attempt to encourage parents to get involved with their children regarding their participation in sport the reality has been that in many cases the parents seem to treat the GTIP as a form of day-care for their children. There have been occasions where coaches and association personnel have had to sit with children for some time following the conclusion of a GTIP session waiting on parents who seem to have forgotten the duration of the workout.

The reality is the pervasiveness of a sort of laissez faire attitude to the process of talent identification in St Vincent and the Grenadines that leaves national associations in a quandary in respect of their future.

Unless the GTIP is understood by all stakeholders and the latter choose to commit themselves fully to the process there will not be any advancement in sport.


Apart from Tennis St Vincent and the Grenadines does not have adequate facilities for the Olympic sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Cricket and squash are not Olympic Sports.

There is gross inadequacy in respect of the supply of adequate equipment for use by the athletes beginning with the requirements for the very young being introduced to the particular sport.

Authorities scoff at the number of footballs and basketballs of varying sizes, for example, required by the local governing bodies if they are to commence an effective introductory programme for children. They consider it a waste, especially since they know nothing about the sport besides the occasional viewing of the end product on television.