Under 23 Netball – some interesting lessons

The participating teams recognised the support for sports in the area and appreciated the enthusiasm for the game of netball and their own involvement in the regional tournament.
The large and enthusiastic crowds at each game was a welcome change from the fall-off that is being witnessed in the Kingstown area, a fact that raises important questions about the Netball Association’s future planning and programming.
The Association may reconsider taking more of its events out of the Kingstown area while reorganising the way in which it deals with the Kingstown reality.

Keartons Sports Complex
Lance John, the National Sports Council and the Barrouallie Sports Association, are all due the highest commendation for the work that has led to the realisation of the Keartons Sports Complex.
Barrouallie and its environs have contributed several outstanding sports personalities to St Vincent and the Grenadines but have always suffered from inadequate facilities.
Several years ago, under the Alfred Bynoe administration, the NSC constructed a players pavilion at the Keartons playing Field. At the time many thought that it was a waste of time and not necessary. However time and its usage have proven the critics wrong and Bynoe and his NSC have been vindicated.
Under the NSC’s watch and with assistance from the National Lotteries Authority Lance John and the Barrouallie Sports Association have worked consistently not only to complete and equip the pavilion at Keartons but have added considerably to the facility that is now the Keartons Sports Complex.
Consistent with an agreement relative to the use of the field the Walt Disney organisation that filmed part of the original ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ in St Vincent and the Grenadines facilitated the extensive repairs needed to bring the playing field to acceptable standards.
The area was leveled and grassed.
The next project was the construction of the hard court for netball, basketball and volleyball.
The hard court was completed and the lights erected.
Two segments of the aluminium bleachers that once catered for the Guinness Posse and the School Boys Stand at Arnos Vale have been erected to facilitate accommodation of patrons at the hard court.