Under 23 Netball – some interesting lessons

There is also an open space that is used for parking.
The vision of Lance John and his team in Barrouallie is to develop the parking area to permit the collection of a small fee in the future so that the Barrouallie Sports Association can raise some much needed funds.
If Lance John has his way the activities at the Keartons Sports Complex will be so organised as to facilitate meeting the expenses of the facility.
In Lance John’s words, “this complex must pay for itself and not rely on the NSC to cover its expenses.”
Thus far the maintenance of the facility is a major challenge, but one which the Barrouallie Sports Association seems well equipped to handle. The employment of a full time person to take care of the facility is an important step and one can only hope that he receives the support of the community is developing and maintaining what they have as their community possession.
Admittedly the Complex is shaping up to be one of the better sports facilities in St Vincent and the Grenadines and kudos are in order for all of those involved, especially Lance John and the leader of the Barrouallie Sports Association, Robinson.
The decision by the local Netball Association to locate the OECS tournament in Keartons was more than a blessing in disguise.
The Keartons hard court proved to be a boon for the coffers of the organisation.

Good Example
The Bar
rouallie Sports Association is perhaps a good example at this juncture in respect of the approach to the development and management of the community sports facility at Keartons.
Clearly the presence of Lance John on the NSC may have helped in the acquisition of some much needed resources but that alone did not lead the facility to where it is at present.
Lance John’s own involvement as well as that of Robinson are important and confirm the stance I adopted over the years in respect of what is required for sports development in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Area Sports Committees remain important to the management of sports facilities across the nation. Such organisations if properly established and administered can aid in the identification of sports developmental needs of the different areas and point the NSC in the direction best suited to their satisfaction.