Under 23 Netball – some interesting lessons

If the narrow petty politics can be cast aside in the interest of genuine national development sports can become a major vehicle for community development.
Community leader do exist and we must find ways to encourage them to aid in the development of their respective communities through sport.
National sports associations can benefit from suggesting the names of individuals in the different areas across the country that can represent their needs/interests on Area Sports Communities and so aid in the spreading of the sport nationally.
The NSC needs to get its act together and soon if it is to be relevant to the sports development process in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
The Barrouallie experience can be brought to other parts of the country.
It is not yet a perfect model and we are aware of some of the constraints and problems within but these do not deter us from recognising what is good and admirable within it.
Let us begin the process before it is too late.