Urgently needed, a collective approach to national sports development

We now have at least two graduates from UWI St Augustine who have done some measure of sports management. We have a few graduates in physical education.
We have opportunities awash for sports medicine personnel, itself a rapidly expanding field within sport. There are opportunities in sports marketing as well as facilities management.
We have sat idly by and watched the several Caribbean countries, including some which are very close to us geographically, have moved forward having realised the importance of sport to the well being of the nation and to their overall developmental objectives.
Unfortunately we are still at the frivolity level.

Sports Infrastructure
It seems that one of the passions of successive members of the NSC has been to satisfy themselves with having served for some time and having done some cosmetic modifications to the sports infrastructure scenario.
Unfortunately they engage in too little evaluation of their performance as the NSC and have therefore failed to recognise just how much they have been engaged in spinning top in mud as the old people so often say.
Even where we have improved the sports infrastructure we have not put in place the necessary administrative mechanism to facilitate their use and maintenance. Indeed, in most instances no consideration has really been given to the adequate equipping of the same infrastructure.
In the absence of any collective approach that involves the governing bodies of the respective sporting disciplines practised in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the various facilities constructed across the country cannot even post a roster of activities.
It is a sort of free for all.
There is no evidence of planning.
It is a case where the authorities at the NSC often seem to consider themselves experts in just about every aspect of sport so much so that they do not need to consult the various national governing bodies in respect of their infrastructural needs and nuances.