Voluntarism and National Sports Organisations (Part II)

National sporting organisations seem content to continue training more technical personnel while engaging in no remedial programme to harness an ever-increasing drop-out rate among those trained. Football and Athletics have been the largest beneficiaries of training programmes for coaches yet it is not possible to find so much as 5% of the coaches trained for these two organisations actually working in the field consistent with the level of training received and it is not for want of the governing bodies being in need of their services.

The future – empowering voluntarism
Sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines is alive but not very well. While national sporting organisations exist there is much more that can and must be done if they are to transform themselves into organisations that are attractive to volunteers and imbue them with a deep desire to be loyal.

Many people now seem to think that volunteers need more by way of incentives if they are to serve on national sporting organisations.
Volunteers also need to be recognised and appreciated. This may take the form of the provision of uniforms related to the event or sporting discipline, award ceremonies for volunteers that are given wide media coverage and the provision of certificates, diplomas and plaques for outstanding performance as volunteers.
Chelladurai has addressed the matter of incentives under three broad headings – utilitarian, affective and normative. There is every reason for our national sporting organisations to adopt these in an effort to guarantee the development of a sound and sustainable volunteer corps that would be at the service of sport in general.

Marketing voluntarism
There needs to be better promotion of voluntarism if more volunteers are to come forward in the future. This point is too often overlooked. There is a feeling that people would willingly volunteer themselves simply because things are happening.
In today’s world where materialism is everywhere evident and individualism is the order of the day, organisations involved in sport have to engage in the deliberate promotion of voluntarism and appeal for volunteers to come forward.