We are making sport with sport

Any cursory analysis of the situation in sport in St Vincent and the Grenadine would suggest an urgent need for the provision of opportunities to facilitate training of individuals for leadership. Such an approach would certainly include participation in programmes at different levels some of which may lead to the acquisition of certificates, diplomas and degrees but which must also be sufficiently practical as to engender true leadership that can address the decline in our sport.
The time has come to reject the current approach where national sports associations rely on one or two persons whom they know to be competent. The tradition of electing one or two persons with the requisite training, discipline and commitment to lead executives and then fill the remaining positions with persons best described as hangers-on must be brought to an end with some dispatch.
Even with the best of intentions such executives would be unable to provide the organisations they lead with the developmental thrust that is required to facilitate growth and development.
It is the reason why in such organisations, when the few workers leave the organisations go into rapid-fire decline.

For several years the analysis has been made that one of the major weaknesses of national sports associations is the absence of any genuine club structure. While there are successes attained by our athletes in the contemporary period it has always been argued that in years past athletes were able to achieve tremendous successes with much less resources available to them.
There is a view therefore that the presence of clubs in sport was a critical factor facilitating the successes of individual athletes. There is also strong support for the view that the communities were also more favourably disposed to getting behind their athletes, encouraged them to join clubs and work towards success in sport.
At a one-day session convened by Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines in 2005 to address the issue of the need for a strong club structure in sport  the late Calvert Woods explained that most associations are currently functioning without an appropriate club structure and emphasized that this situation has implications for the effective functioning of the various Associations.