We are making sport with sport

Woods noted that most International Federations had observed the problems being experienced by national associations affiliated to them and the disparity in terms of performance and began demanding that these institutions be composed of clubs instead of teams. Clubs must form the basis for continued membership and participation in organized events of these national bodies.
The absence of strong constitutions among national sports associations, the absence of any real national sports culture, the loss of community and the rise of individualism and crass selfishness, the current state of the economy, the pervasiveness of poor examples from leaders and many of the older generations have all been identified as critical factors militating against the formation of clubs in today’s Vincentian society.
Participants at the session, who were drawn from the several national sports associations, agreed on the importance of clubs to the formation of a more permanent structure within the various associations and supported the idea of forming multi-discipline clubs.
The consensus was that clubs aid in the development of individuals, organisations and ultimately the entire society. Clubs play a major role in shaping more disciplined and respectable individuals through participation in sport. They cultivate character and personality of their membership. Individuals develop sound communication, social and leadership skills.
Clubs lead members to a deeper appreciation of the values inherent in sport and physical education, a life of physical activity and wellness.
Clubs engender greater levels of responsibility among individuals at all levels, including administration and encourages improved efficiency at the level of the management and the general functioning of national sports associations
There is little doubt that clubs also promote and hone leadership skills among membership facilitating succession and therefore sustainability of the organisation and of the national sports association to which it is affiliated.
Clubs, because of their disciplined and structured approach are more likely to develop sponsorship proposals that enhance the chances of attracting sponsorship over the long haul. They would provide for a higher level of accountability and responsibility. Finally, clubs would provide a more systematic approach to coaching and the development of coaches and technical officials from amongst whom national sports associations would have little choice but to select its officials for national duty.