We are making sport with sport

If in 2005 several national sports associations could have arrived at the foregoing understanding of the importance of clubs to the sport development process and could have located that within the context of helping to create a better St Vincent and the Grenadines through the enhancement of the human personalities who comprise it, what has prevented further movement towards the development of clubs in the country?
The answer appears to re
st with the individuals who are involved in sport at the present time.
There seems an unwillingness to change.
People seem contented with operating in the 21st century with an 18th century approach to sport leadership and development. There is an aversion to any initiatives that suggest anther way of doing things. It is the reason many associations are not moving ahead, generally.
An analysis of local sports would reveal that where there is progress it is where modern approaches are being brought to bear on the process. It is where coaches are in tune with modern advances in the theory and practice of coaching the particular sport. It is where administrators are seeking to bring on board modern approaches to management of the sporting organisations.
Unfortunately there are too many who are so resistant to change and progressive advancement that they balk at the radical shift from the way things were done aeons ago and engage others of their ilk to derail the march forward.
There is often a disconnect within some national sports associations between those who wish to adopt modern approaches and those who seem to think that the only way to do things is the way their grandfathers and great grandparents did them.
This dissonance continues to despoil the development of our sporting potential, creating one distraction after another while the children are left adrift in a society where all morality has been cast aside and social degradation is now perceived as a viable option.