We do not understand PE and Sports

It is also to be noted that in the martial arts of karate and taekwondo, parents do tend to encourage their children’s participation. However we should probably note that in this case the very nature of these sports in particular does not warrant undue concern on the part of the parents such that they have to be present. The martial arts ultimately engender discipline in the participant and encourages self defence, two aspects of maturation that parents readily desire for their children.
In the case of tennis and squash the parents often involve themselves as much as they do in the case of swimming.
Football, cricket, netball, volley ball and athletics cannot boast of the same level of parental involvement or support as the aforementioned sports. It is common for parents to simply drop off their children to engage in these activities and request of those responsible the appropriate time to return to collect them. Most of the time the parents leave them to their own devices, allowing them to engage if they so desire without necessarily encouraging them.
While cricket has often been associated with the middle classes in society much of this has long since changed in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the sport has been open to all social classes.
Football has been considered the sport of the lower classes and this may well be one of the reasons why it is so popular yet finds great difficulty in accessing the level of respect garnished on those who play the game of cricket.

The Family
In St Vincent and the Grenadines it is the exception rather than the norm to find parents being so involved in their children’s acquisition of the basics of physical education such that it helps in their development as whole persons.
Teachers are forever complaining of the unwillingness of parents to even so much as purchase the requisite uniforms for physical education classes at school. Many see this as an unnecessary bore.
Fewer parents see any connection between physical education and their children’s well being. Many cannot distinguish between physical education and the playing of a particular sport. They see no link between physical education and coordination of movement to say nothing of its link to physical and mental fitness.