Welcoming the Cricket World Cup

It is so easy to talk about the national pride that should evolve from any new construction. Unfortunately, Governments around the Caribbean are apt to boast of every new structure, however ugly in comparison to what obtains elsewhere. Few take time to be aesthetically beautiful and here again Barbados stands out for commendation.
We talk glibly about legacy without any genuine appreciation for what we have done as opposed to what we could have or should have done instead. In the case of St Vincent and the Grenadines CWC2007 has been a very closed shop. We can only hope that when it is all over that those responsible will raise their hands high acknowledging that they did it all by themselves, and like the politicians claim that they did it at least ostensibly on behalf of the beloved masses.
Fazeer may well be correct in his own conclusion, “So if most of the hotels were going to be filled every tourist season for years to come anyway, who will really benefit from the experience if all the fancy legacy talk, liberally sprinkled with references to stadium ‘masterpieces’, amounts to a pile of debt that taxpayers from Trelawny to Providence are left to deal with?
“Only time will tell, by which time we would more than likely have forgotten who to praise or who to hold responsible anyway, which is probably the real reason why the Caribbean is such an idyllic World Cup destination.”