We’re still fooling ourselves

We had media declaring that the West Indies would be looking to carry forward the momentum of the sweet victory in the Twenty20 encounter. They paid little or no attention to the fact that the match really was a no-brainer.
Rather foolishly our players were in interviews repeating the same rubbish fed to us by the regional media. They fancied their chances. One is not certain whether the players were serious or were speaking tongue-in-cheek but they did go out on a limb expressing flights of fancy in respect of their chances in the pending One Day series.
We paid little attention to what was happening around the team. We fell prey to our own idiocy.

The One-Day series
The Australians won the first three One Day Internationals, making light work of an ever-embarrassing West Indies team. It did not seem to matter whether the West Indies batted first or second. The result was the same. The Australians racked up three straight victories, one in St Vincent and the other two in Grenada.
Of course the West Indies could not explain to us why they were prepared to play an injured Chris Gayle.
Gayle may well be overrated by the Caribbean peoples. He still cannot move his feet sufficiently to be counted among the better batsmen of our region and is certainly not among the best in his own era.
It was pathetic to hear some of our commentators, rather than remonstrating with the young man and chiding him for what is a clear case of stupidity, they seemed to applaud his efforts at hitting boundaries. Once he got out by not using his feet he became a villain.
Gayle’s first One Day International in the series saw him severely restricted by the injury yet he took the ball, at one stage, to dare to bowl. He did not seem to know where he should place himself in the field when the other team was batting.
In the third One Day International Gayle thumped an aggressive score of over 50 runs, much to the delighted appetite of the region’s media. Suddenly they chose, rather conveniently, to ignore the obvious discomfort Gayle still has because of his annoying groin injury.