We’re still fooling ourselves

Once more, the drought of much to applaud left the hapless regional media fooling the peoples of the Caribbean into believing that there was something to shout about.
The West Indies lost the One-Day series in the first three matches.

Reality check
It is perhaps time to engage in a reality check.
Coach Dyson should go home. He does not seem to know what to make of the team. At one point he seems to have been sufficiently confident to suggest that the team has players with a high enough skill capability to do well. After the third consecutive loss to Australia in the One Day series it seems that he had second thoughts about his earlier assessment.
The problem is that we have not been able to get into the heads of the players.
Examine the wasteful expenditures undertaken by our leading players and one will readily glean the absence of something significant between their ears. They rush for the thickest gold chains and bangles and huge SUVs that they parade during their days off at home since they have nothing else to do with their time.
We hear precious little of our players doing anything to develop themselves academically or otherwise. For the most part the current crop appear lost in the wilderness of the fruits of their labour. Unfortunately they do not labour very well.
If the players do not seem to believe that they must use their intelligence to improve their play, they must think the sport and their role in the team, they will never do better than the putrid performances they currently deliver.
Many of the current players do not possess the skills required to elevate their game to another level that would allow them to compete more favourably against the world’s best.
Gayle, for example, seems to be possessive of concrete
feet. He seems comfortable being that way because every now and again he makes a big score. Somehow, and befuddlingly so, Clive Lloyd was sufficiently impressed by Gayle while Sarwan was out of the team due to injury to recommend him for the captaincy. That made Gayle’s day.