West Indies cricket administration – same khaki pants

It also seems important to state here that while many may decry the performance of the team on the field, the WIPA continues to hold fast to its mandate to secure the best deal for its members. All power to Ramnarine for his achievements thus far in this particular area of endeavour.

Samuels Et Al

The WICB then added to the confusion when Marlon Samuels, the replacement for captain Ramnaresh Sarwan, found his travel plans delayed by the visa issue. By this time everyone should know that Jamaicans need a visa to enter the United Kingdom. This should have been factored into the travel plans.

More embarrassment was to follow. The WICB made another major blunder when it organised the replacement players who were to feature in the 20/20 and One Day Internationals against England.

The entire Caribbean became the laughing stock of the cricketing world when the travel plans for the replacements were so badly organised that the players failed to arrive in time for the first warm-up game prior to the commencement of the second phase of the series against England. The embarrassment was further heightened by the Board having to secure the services of Caribbean cricketers playing in England, to add to the team for the warm up match.

Perhaps Fazeer Mohammed’s comments are worth stating here.

Gordon is a failure, of course, while the integrity of some members of his inner circle at the board must be open to question given the ease, speed and regularity with which information from confidential meetings are leaked into the public domain.