West Indies cricket administration – same khaki pants

This betrays a house divided unto itself, with grown men pretending to accept collective responsibility only to be sneaking around like rats trying to undermine each other for their own parochial purposes.

On principle alone they should all go, but that would still leave the same complex, archaic structure that is unworkable in a flourishing culture of selfishness and shortsightedness.

Who’s the Boss?

The WICB seems a blighted organisation and Ken Gordon may well have taken his exit when he offered his resignation following the conclusion of the embarrassing Cricket World Cup 2007. The only people who seem to think it was a success are the leaders of the game in the region. The very ones who continue to embarrass us everywhere.

The selectors informed the WICB of their decision to have Chris Gayle appointed captain of the team for the 20/20 and One day competitions. The Board ignored the selectors’ decision and appointed Darren Ganga captain. The only problem here was that Ganga was not among the players sent to the Board to participate in the two competitions.

The regional media made the truth known and the embarrassment once more came to the fore. Unashamedly the WICB had to recant and Ganga was released and Gayle installed as captain.

Of course Gayle had to have his say in public and so the embarrassment took on even greater dimensions. His criticisms of the Board emerged in his diary and we are hearing string suggestions that there was some input from the team’s manager, Michael Findlay.

Then came the strongly worded caution from the WICB following an apparent meeting between Gayle, Ken Gordon and Michael Findlay. Of course the WIPA intervention was most appropriate since the organisation needed to know whether Findlay was seeming to play both sides in this unsavoury affair. If indeed Findlay did have an input into what Gayle was saying in his diary how could he also be involved in the meeting that yielded the caution to Gayle? Of course the matter will be swept under the carpet even as snippets will be fed to the media, as is now the norm.