West Indies cricket administration – same khaki pants

At the end of the day Gayle has been emboldened by the rather untenable stance adopted by the leadership of the sport in the region. Some seem quite uncertain as to precisely who is leading the WICB ship. One wonders whether Gordon had secured the advice of the Board’s Disciplinary Committee before the letter of caution was delivered to Gayle.

One may also wonder whether the team manager is not the one with the authority to effect discipline while the team is on tour.

Wherever the responsibility lies the fact is that Gayle and the WIPA are standing on solid ground and the WICB is in quicksand with no one in sight.

On Field

We can always boast of the consistency that is West Indies cricket. We continue to expect the kind of embarrassment currently being endured across the globe from the WICB. We can also expect that on the field of play the West Indies team will do likewise.

The performances in the test series were little more than putrid. It is perhaps even more embarrassing for us in the region to dare to suggest that we almost won a match. Nonsense! Both teams performed as expected of their low ranking in contemporary cricket. That the paying public had to contend with such abysmally poor cricket is to our undying shame.

The 20/20 game is no dissimilar to softball cricket. The strokes are the same and so too is the bowling. It is designed for enjoyment and perhaps to take our minds away from the seriousness of what we once called cricket.

Despite the introduction of the 20/20 series at home by Stanford last year the West Indies team claimed much inexperience in its nuances. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The block or bash mentality of so many of our players should have allowed them to relish this version of the game. Unfortunately the series tied. Even that we did not win.