West Indies cricket in post Stanford 20/20

Is he genuinely altruistic?
Does his modus in respect of Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun in the region suggest that kind of altruism enough for us to believe that he does have a genuine interest in the well being of the game in the Caribbean?
The eagerness of the so-called Legends to be party to the Stanfrord 20/20 stands in stark contrast to the hands-off stance many of them had adopted to the game’s development in this region that they call home.
Had it not been for the massive infusion f funds into their own pockets would we have seen these so-called ambassadors of the 20/20 Tournament showing any real interest in the development of the game in this region of ours?
No one wants to begrudge the Legends for taking what they could get from the cricketing gravy train but they must not play the role of holier than thou and dare to suggest to us in the region their commitment to the game. While some may have been committed there are among them others whose commitment remains highly questionable.
Was the money the single most important criterion in their involvement?
The sudden apparent breaking of ranks of Clive Lloyd with the rest of the Legends in terms of involvement with the 20/20 project begs a number of questions. Unfortunately there are none who seem willing to offer answers.
Lloyd’s own role in West Indies cricket since his relinquishing of the captaincy several years ago itself remains open to question.
But Lloyd’s departure forces us to recall his comments during the Tournament:
"A lot of people never like change. The world has changed. Cricket is evolving. We have to move along. It’s a different type of cricket. It’s just like when 40-overs came in. People didn’t like it either. Like everything new, there are going to be one or two doubters, but I’m sure we’re winning."
Well, Clive has certainly moved along; beyond Stanford’s 20/20.
The truth is that the region and particularly the WICB seem totally in the dark in respect of Stanford’s future involvement in the regional game.