West Indies cricket in post Stanford 20/20

Andy Roberts’ appeal for the 20/20 tournament to include more matches in the future and spread across the region rather than stay in Antigua and Barbuda is symptomatic of just how much he and others are in the dark.
Stanford may well be playing with the cards close to his chest so much so that those with whom he seems to have surrounded himself (the Legends) may only be as important to his decision-making as he wants them to be.
Was there an attempt to have the regional 20/20 tournament serve as a dry run for a bid to host a 20/20 Cricket World Cup totally organised and administered by the entrepreneur?
We may never know the answer to this question.
Of course the ICC is not stupid and is certainly not as backward in its modus as the WICB. The ICC would never allow the 20/20 version of the game, given its appeal to the masses as a shortened version of exciting party cricket, skills aside, to escape its own hands.
The ICC is itself following the path of other international sports federations seeking ever more exciting ways of packaging the game to facilitate greater incomes from television rights as well as larger, more enthusiastic crowds in attendance at match-playing venues.
The region watches and waits as the relationship between Stanford and the WICB threatens to turn sour over the proposed date for the 20/20 encounter between the West Indies and the South Africans at his playground. The future of the game in the region threatens to hang in the balance and the World Cup 2007 may well need Stanford’s help in more ways than the public of the region have as yet come to understand.
Indeed West Indies Cricket, the WICB and all may well be in the lion’s mouth.