West Indies Cricket…again

Investigating King
The investigation of Bennett King may well be the first time that the WICB has undertaken such an exercise.
No previous coaching team has ever been so highly paid or allocated so much by way of a free hand relative to so many different aspects of the West Indies team.
The WICB may do well to reflect on the way it has treated West Indian coaches in the past while evaluating King and his team. There cannot be one mode of operation for West Indians and another for Australians. There must be one way of dealing with coaches regardless of place of origin, colour or creed.
The WICB now finds itself evaluating itself since it is this very organisation that has created the seemingly omnipotent King establishment in the West Indies team, a situation that may well not exist anywhere else in the game of cricket.
It may well be deemed significant that with Chanderpaul’s loss of effect control of the team given King’s role on the field of play, it is the president of the Guyana Cricket Board that has made the request for the evaluation of King.
Chetram Singh has always given his heart to West Indies cricket and may well yet prove himself capable of demanding an approach to the game in the region that leaves the management of the sport, in every aspect, open to scrutiny by all stakeholders.
Interestingly, lovers of the game in the region may well be anxious to see just how the WICB, including Singh, would deal with the outcome of the evaluation of Bennett King and his team.