West Indies Cricketing disgraces

Perhaps it should be noted here that such an attitude remains pervasive in sport across the region to this day.

It is certainly not enough for us to ignore this particular episode in West Indies cricket as something that was characteristic of the historical period in which it took place. Rather, we must recognise it for what it represents of the individual and perhaps still represents today. Perhaps nothing has changed in this regard.

This revelation should have been enough for Mason to receive an apology from Weekes. To this day, several years later we have not heard of any such apology.  Indeed this writer is of the view that the entire Windward Islands cricket leadership, even to the present time, has failed Mason and the sub region in its failure to demand an apology from Weekes.

Until such time as Everton Weekes has come face to face with F.O. Mason and apologise for what he did to him back then, we as a Vincentian sports loving people should show little regard for this man or his achievements. He effectively colluded to deny a Vincentian athlete the opportunity he so richly deserved.

Additionally, it remains a sad indictment on the leadership of West Indies cricket that its membership over the years has allowed themselves to ignore the travesty that has been its selection process over the years.

There is no reason for us to have confidence in the selection process regardless of the composition of the Selection Committee.

What we may well have is a culture within the leadership of West Indies cricket that cannot now extricate itself from the many prejudices that characterise it.