West Indies Cricketing disgraces

WI Cricket Hall of Fame

It remains one of the most disgraceful features of West Indies Cricket that the Board has been so disrespectful of our cricketers and their contributions to the game and the region over the several decades that it has been unable to even so much as conceptualise the establishment of a West Indies Cricket Hall of Fame.

What is worse is that in the absence of this Allen Stanford, an American businessman whose kn
owledge of the game of cricket is limited and whose knowledge and understanding of West Indies cricket history can always be challenged, has established a West Indies Cricket Hall of Fame instead.

There seems no shame in the leadership of the game of cricket in the region. That West Indians have to contend with having the West Indies Cricket Hall of Fame located at Stanford’s Sticky Wicket in Antigua, a private institution, must be reflective of the insensitivity of the leaders of the sport in our region.

While there is nothing wrong with the pursuit of sponsorship or the generosity of well meaning investors in respect of their contributions to sport and in this case cricket, it is nonetheless very poor management of the game in our region that allows the leadership to stand idly by while a non-Caribbean investor develops an institution for our sport.

Indeed, had the members of the leadership of West Indies cricket any measure of self respect they would have distanced themselves from the Stanford Hall of Fame and ensure that they do everything to right the historic wrongs in this regard.