West Indies Cricketing disgraces


Perhaps the most recent disgrace in West Indies cricket has to do with the hosting of the CWC2007. The ‘Wizard of the CWC2007’, Chris Dehring, appears to have fallen off the face of West Indies cricket. There is talk of some persons and/or institutions wanting to take legal action against the Board for the disaster that was CWC2007.

There are many concerns about the outcomes from the CWC2007. We are not aware of the tremendous benefits that were supposed to accrue to the region and to the respective Boards.

The net inflows to the respective countries in respect of tourism did not materialise for the most part.

We are at our wits end trying to understand why it is that we cannot, several months after the CWC2007, unable to determine the real benefits, if any, of having hosted an event that we are never likely to host again, at least no time soon.