WICB should close shop

In the midst of all of this the West Indies Cricket Board, WICB, did nothing to stem the tide. Perhaps its members were too busy counting the predicted financial windfall from hosting the Cup and the possibility that the WICB would eventually emerge from the financial RED.

Restrictions Lifted
The major restrictions have been removed from the CWC2007. Mac Fingall will have Gravy at his side at Barbados’ Kensington Oval. The party has begun at this late stage when all of those who hosted before now suffered so badly from their own insipid and regretful weakness.
In some cases we are hearing that ticket prices have suddenly dropped. Where not so long ago we were being told that tickets were sold out we now have the sudden emergence of thousands of tickets for just about everywhere.
That sounds very much like here at home and the promotion for the England versus Australia goat cook match.
Malcolm Speed, CEO of the ICC has made it clear that the prices affixed to the CWC2007 tickets were not the work of the sport’s international governing body. Speed insisted that the ICC always allow the host countries to affix prices based on their own reading of the economies within which they operate. It is not a top down decision by the international sports body.
This statement by Speed apportions blame squarely on the shoulders of the CWC2007 Organising Committee and through that organisation to the WICB. This means that Chris Dehring and his seemingly high flying CWC2007 organisation as well as Ken Gordon and his entire WICB Board must accept full responsibility for the untenable situation that obtained for a majority of the matches played thus far.
The ICC and the CWC2007 Organisers have suddenly capitulated in the face of declining crowds and the embarrassment suffered everywhere that has played host to everything, from goat cook warm up matches to the actual competition.
How now do the LOCs around the region feel after having duped themselves into the rather sorry state that placed them at the mercy of annoyed fans everywhere?
They lost themselves on the altar of status expediency.