WICB should close shop

The words of Chalkdust’s calypso remains true today and can be applied to our LOC and the others around the region, “Dem people laughin’ at we”.

West Indies
A brief look at the West Indies cricket team would leave us just where we were before the CWC2007.
The likes of Clive Lloyd and others who dared to suggest that we could win the Cup here at home and become the first host nation to win the Cup could only have been playing some kind of mind games with themselves. They certainly did not fool the Caribbean people.
The West Indies came into CWC2007 ranked number 8th and declining, not rising. Our recent performances showcased the barrenness of the cricket talent cupboard which itself appeared to be in tatters, probably from an abundance of termites.
The fact that we were ghosting the competition allowed our emotions to run high, so high that in fact some actually believed that a miracle would take place and somehow we would defy the statistical evidence of our years of poor performances and win the Cup.
There was never a chance of us getting beyond the Super 8s.
Our Caribbean peoples cannot possibly be disappointed. The poor perfor
mance should have been expected. The players on today’s West Indies team have never displayed any genuine pride on or off the field of play nor do they seem possessive of any sense of the liberative role that the game has played for us as a people.
As expected the captain will have to take the blame for the team’s performance but here has not been a single member who has displayed a desire to win on the field of play. This is as it should be. But what is new about this?
Did we not know the captain’s limitations in respect of his approach to field placing?
What choices were available to the selectors?
Prior to the competition, I insisted that we are consistently inconsistent in our approach to the game. Our poor performance during the CWC2007 is very consistent with the way we have played the game in the past several years.
We keep referring to those ‘golden years’ while ignoring that the nature of Caribbean society has changed significantly and the young sportspeople of today’s West Indies cricket team seem woefully deficient in terms of character.