WICB should close shop

If the WICB were to ever reveal some of the horror stories about the conduct of many of our young cricketers they would make many a head spin in awe.

Close Up Shop
The WICB has no genuine development strategy for the future of the sport in the region. The leadership, if one could call it that, has failed to impact the process of development in any way.
The presence of Bennett King and his team has not done anything to change this approach and we have been sold out here at home yet again, with no one on the team expressing shame or embarrassment.
Do not at all be surprised that they do not even watch the rest of the competition.
As a Caribbean people we should be rallying together and issuing a clarion call for the immediate resignation of the WICB, a thoroughgoing investigation into all aspects in all countries of the hosting of the CWC2007, the firing of the entire cricket team, including management in all aspects and a rethinking of how the game should be developed in our region.

The Impact on the Game
For all intents and purposes, the CWC2007 has given the death-knell to the game of cricket in the Caribbean.
It has succeeded in turning off many of our youths and children from the sport rather than attract them to it. It has allowed many of our youths to justify their shift towards the likes of football, basketball and athletics, even rugby, as opposed to cricket.
It has justified for our peoples their absence from the regional cricket tournaments – Carib Cup and KFC Cup. It has justified the patrons’ decision not to pay the top dollar that was once requested by the LOCs to attend CWC2007 matches.
Rather than lift the stature of the sport of cricket in the Caribbean our slipshod approach to hosting the Cup may well have helped to bury it in shame.