WICB’s flashing Red

One wonders whether the WICB was somehow convinced that it had the governments of the region in its hip pocket such that it would be able to have them meet all pertinent expenses for the CWC2007.
Perhaps the WICB’s leadership thought that the governments would have been satisfied with the tourism arrivals for the Cup. Unfortunately, even here there were difficulties as St Lucia can attest. In this case the country experienced a net decline in tourist arrivals during the period of the CWC2007. Who then compensates the government? Certainly not the WICB.

Staying red
The WICB therefore finds itself in a very weak position relative to raising any challenge to what Arthur is proposing on where the gate receipts should go.
If Arthur maintains this stance and the various governments in the region were to do likewise we may well soon enough have the WICB filing for bankruptcy.
The charmed existence of the WICB over the years may well have engendered with a sort of complacency that everything will be alright. This is not the case.
The region’s politicians are increasingly finding it difficult to maintain strong economies in a rapidly changing global economic environment and therefore cannot afford to engage in any sort of financial recklessness. They may well have perceived the experience of the CWC2007 as very painful and decidedly embarrassing in many respects.
The peoples of the region were not and still are not happy with the many restrictions imposed upon them and there are many who believe that the CWC2007 was not directed at them but primarily to those foreign visitors expected to bring in mega bucks.
To some, it was only when the visitors were not as numerous as expected that the tickets were priced to suit the pockets of our own people in the region.
The WICB therefore finds itself between a rock and a very hard place.
The governments of the region may see the reasoning of Arthur as sound and seek to at least justify their own outlandishly lavish expenditures on facilities by recouping something from the gate receipts.