WICB’s shameless stature

Of course we were told that despite the financial inflows from Carib ‘the dance did not pay for the lights’ in so far as the sponsorship was well below the expenses incurred in organising the annual four-day competition.
There are those who would suggest that in reality the WCB has virtually been receiving sponsorship for competitions that were well below the organisation’s expenditures.
But the WICB itself must carry much of the blame for what can at best be a half-hearted marketing strategy. The only time that we have seen any real marketing effort from the WICB came in the preparations for the CWC2007. Rather interestingly the same Chris Dehring was in the WICB’s marketing area at one time.
We can only conclude that either the WICB has been a very poor judge of marketing persons or that the product itself is extremely difficult to sell. The truth may be a combination of the two.
Since the end of the great cricketing era of West Indies cricket in terms of our international ranking the team has not been sufficiently attractive to warrant sponsors to come forward. Apart from Lara, for many years, there was no reason for any sponsor to even so much as give consideration to wanting to sponsor the West Indies team. Now there is Chanderpaul who has been long in developing his game. His dour style has not lent itself to international appeal despite his batting achievements and so he has not been able to impact the WICB’s sponsorship woes. Chris Gayle is hardly cause for support. He is at best a big hitter on any given day but woefully inconsistent and lacking in class and craftsmanship.
The WICB’s rather tumultuous switch from Cable and Wireless to DIGICEL left a bitter taste everywhere. Followers of the game are yet to learn the truth. The WICB has not been able to shake off the rumours surrounding the decision and the role played by persons within the organisation itself.
The WICB’s decision to challenge DIGICEL in respect of the team Stanford Superstars team that was engaged in the 20/20 Super Series in Antigua and Barbuda recently may well have soured the current sponsorship deal that the Board has in place with the sponsors. In a rather sad twist of fate the WICB may also suffer from something of a backlash in so far as the decision of Allen Stanford to review the Super Series and his whole involvement in the sport in the Caribbean is concerned. A spokesman for the Stanford Group is quoted as saying: “The Super Series specifically is under review but is not the only aspect being reviewed.