WICB’s shameless stature

“All agreements are being reviewed including the regional tournament. The process is ongoing and an announcement will be made at the end of January.”
The decision of the Board to engage in the legal battle proved a costly exercise in more ways than one and the organisation may now be much worse off than anyone in its leadership would have conceived a few months ago.

Enter Stanford
What exactly is the role of Allen Stanford in West Indies cricket?
Perhaps only Stanford could answer this question since the WICB appears cast in the role of ‘cricketing beggar maid’ rather than leaders of the game in the Caribbean.
Stanford came on the cricketing scene in the region by creating his own playing field adjacent to the V C Bird International Airport, in the midst of what some may well consider ‘Stanford Empire’ in Antigua and Barbuda. He created what is now the famous ‘Sticky Wicket’ and proceeded to establish a West Indies Cricket Hall of Fame. To this day the WICB has never sought t
o explain this colossal embarrassment. That a white American businessman with no prior involvement in the sport of cricket could have come to the region and establish a Hall of Fame in his own property for the game and organisation that we have had with us since the early part of the 20th century required some explanation but none came from the WICB, the sport’s parent organisation in the Caribbean.
Stanford then started his own 20/20 cricket competition with an announcement that immediately established it as the most lucrative cricketing endeavour in the history of the sport in the Caribbean. Everyone became excited. The sweet smell of the huge sums of money involved meant that everyone wanted to share in the pie. Here was a ‘goose with a golden egg’. That Stanford was able to deliver two editions of the Stanford 20/20 competition remains a major achievement. However, few took into consideration the failure to have had the competition in 2007, something that astute analysts would have considered a blemish. Another blemish would have been his failure to have secured the one-off match between his select team and South Africa following the conclusion of the first edition of his regional competition.