Windwards Cricket woes continue

Of course in the recent past they have done like their West Indies counterparts and stood idly by as Allen Stanford waltzed into the game and apparently turned one season of profit after another with the 20/20 version.
Even in the face of the Stanford successes and his continued forays into the sport the Windwards grouping have been unable to attract people to the sport as spectators even as they struggle to get players. Players waiting to bat or who are reserves on the playing teams, not the sporting public, appear to be the biggest supporters of the game at the local level. Players seem incapable of getting their fiancés to attend to watch them play, so lacking in interest is the sport at the local level yet the bosses pat themselves on the back in their own news releases telling themselves that all is well and that they are somehow on the verge of something big.  The sporting public be better warned that they should not hold their breaths for this to happen.

Where are the development programmes for the sport of cricket in the Windward Islands? No one seems to have any answers.
We have heard talk from the cricket leaders in the sub region that they recognise the many problems facing the sport but we have not really seen any concerted effort being made to change things.
In the absence of resources beyond actual infrastructural facilities the sport has suffered tremendously from any genuinely crafted programme to build the sport in all aspects.
In a sense it appears that the leaders of cricket in the Windward Islands are more favourably disposed to the hosting of annual competitions for the different age groups without an understanding that the skill components must first be systematically inculcated before they can manifest themselves on the field of play.