Windwards Cricket woes continue

Unfortunately for the Windward Islands cricket authorities their parent organisation, the West Indies Cricket Board, is also caught up in the same problematic – no money. In this case the Windwards cannot expect any respite in their situation anytime soon.
Governments of the Windwards Islands have already been caught spending mega-bucks for the provision of infrastructure for the Cricket World Cup 2007 for which they have little to show and are too shamed-face to confront publicly. These governments do not now have the resources to pour into cricket and even if they did, given their 2007 experience they are not likely to support the leadership of the sport in their respective countries.
In the absence of money the Windward Islands cricket authorities are seemingly willing to excuse their persistent low-ranking status in the game at the regional level laying blame squarely at the feet of this reality. But that is unacceptable.
Our media is inundated with reports of cricket throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines yet they, too, fail to report the absence of growth and genuine development.
The absence of money is not the only problem facing Windward Islands cricket but it is certainly one of the most critical among them. We cannot, however, accept the view that the absence of money is the primary cause of the continued shortcomings confronting the sport in the sub region.

WI Selectors
The West Indies selectors have always treated the cricketers from the Windward Islands with scant regard. This has been the case as far back as one could recall. Frank Mason will never forget the shabby treatment he met at their hands and to this day no one has apologised. Everton Weekes continues to be graced with one accolade after another and no one, not even Hilary Beckles, has found the time to call upon him to apologise for the way in which he apparently encouraged his colleagues from Barbados to treat Mason in order to ensure that the latter was not included on the West Indies team. The great Wes Hall has also never admitted to being a part to this.