Windwards Cricket woes continue

Was Sobers lying about the decision to collaborate against Mason? Did he make it up?
Nothing should surprise about what happens in West Indies cricket and so we should not expect the aforementioned to apologise to Mason and to the peoples of the small islands of the Windwards grouping.
While the selectors have from time to time placed the odd Windward Islands cricketer on the West Indies team, they have been far more guilty of turning a blind eye. Play
ers from other countries have had no shortage of opportunities by comparison and only the West Indies leadership seem oblivious to it.  

Mumbo Jumbo
The generally poor performances by cricketers from the Windward Islands have made it extremely difficult for the sport to develop within the sub region. This may sound contradictory but it is the reality.
People are not driven to watch the sport at the local level because they know that not enough work is being done to facilitate its development. The quality of the game is poor and does not engender much by way of emotional attachment to the local game.
Indeed it came as no surprise that there were more people watching the Rotary Club’s softball cricket competition on the hard courts at Arnos Vale than were inside watching the Windward Islands tournament.
We could do without all of the mumbo jumbo fed to us by the leadership of Windwards cricket. What we need is a commitment to change made manifest.