Winning is infectious

Turning the corner
The victories achieved by the West Indies cricket team over the past few months do not immediately translate into a feeling that we have finally turned the corner in so far as being competitive in the game of cricket with the very best in the world as has hitherto been the case.
While many of us are enthused by the handsome defeat of the Indians we readily recognise that we are a long way from regaining former glory.
While one is certain that Lara is proud to have made Indian coach, Australian, Chappell, eat his words, we must know that the change of fortunes have come rather suddenly and that it would require much work to facilitate its sustainability.
We must all be gratified by the manner in which Sarwan has emerged sturdier with the bat. We are happy that Chanderpaul appears to have regained some confidence with the bat. Gayle appears to be in possession of a better understanding of his cricketing talent.
Dwayne Bravo has perhaps begun to understand that he possesses immense talent and that with dedication and greater honing of his cricketing skills he could be destined for greatness.
Lara’s age seems to have brought some concern for the future of West Indies cricket and the team rallied around him as he led with finesse.
Magnanimous in victory Lara recognises that he and his team must now focus on the test series which would be more demanding, especially since the Indians would be anxious to turn things around.
Only after that can the team turn its attention in full to the Cricket World Cup.
The critical issue now is to have the players believe in themselves and the need for them to build on their respective strengths and overcome their weaknesses.
The work has only just begun.
The road is long and Lara knows it better than anyone else. His leadership third time around as captain seems to have a totally different character; one that is rubbing off favourably upon those in his charge.
Congratulations to the Windies.
Let the struggle continues.