Women in Sport 2007/8

 The Women in Sport 07/08 programme’s main objective is to empower Vincentian girls and women in respect to participation in sport for healthy living.

This campaign will include:

1. Survey: This will be done through all of our affiliates.

2. Focus Group: Leading sports personalities and media personnel in St Vincent and the Grenadines

3. Panel Discussion: This will be done on Radio and television utilizing women who have been and some who are currently involved in sport

4. Target Group: Students aged 8 – 20 years; Members of groups affiliated to the National Youth Council; affiliates of the NOC;

Seminar Topics: Women in the Olympic Movement; Women at the Olympic Games; Women in Sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines; Challenges to women's participation in sport; Exploitation of girls/women in sport; Women and leadership; Conflict Resolution; Formation and sustainability of clubs