2010 Commonwealth Games Update


Roxanne Loyce Williams was the first to carry the flag for SVG at the 19th Commonwealth Games, Delhi India on the 4th October 2010.  She played against Aminath Irufa Mahir of Maldives at the R.K Khanna Stadium.  Unfortunately, she was not able to take SVG to the podium losing  3: 6, 2:6 in straight sets.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis also fought on the 4th October 2010 in Team matches against Malaysia and Canada.  The Vinci lads were quite unsuccessful losing 0:3 in both encounters.  The scores are as follows:

Carlton Daniel (SVG) lost to Kian Chi (MAL) 0:3,  Robert Ballantyne (SVG) lost to Muhad Abrahim (MAL) 0:3 and Kamal Hunte (SVG) lost to Mao Kho (MAL) 0:3.

Carlton Daniel (SVG) lost to Pierre-luc Hiuse 0:3, Hunte (SVG) lost to Xavier Therieu 0:3 and Spencer lost to Andrea Ho 0:3.

On the 5th October 2010 Team SVG again battled for team honours against St. Lucia and Jamaica.  Team SVG started their campaign quite well, beating St. Lucia 3:1 in the Team competition as follows:

Robert Ballantyne (SVG) defeated Chris Wells (SLU) 3:0, Carlton Daniel (SVG) defeated Chris Wells (SLU) 3:2, Robert Ballantyne (SVG) defeated Oman Ferdinand (SLU) 3:2 and Kamal Hunte (SVG) lost to Jedaiah Pierre (SLU) 0:3.

Unfortunateluy Team SVG lost to Jamaica after some questionable calls.  In this encounter Robert Ballantyne (SVG) lost to Kane Watson (JCA) 1:3, Carlton Daniel (SVG) lost to Imari Mc Pherson (JCA) 1:3 and Romano Spencer (SVG) lost to Simon Thomilson (JCA) 0:3.

Table Tennis also refused to be left out of this changing tide as they defeated Tanzania in the team play offs for Commonwealth rankings.  With positions 13 to 26 up for grabs Team SVG is going all out for honour.  The final scores against Tanzania reads,  Robert Ballantyne (SVG) defeated Canisius Swenhele (TANZ) 3:0, Carlton Daniel (SVG) lost to Suleman (TANZ) 1:3, Kamal Hunte lost to Masoud Mtalaso (TANZ) 1:3, Carlton Daniel defeated Swenhele (TANZ) 3:1 and Robert Ballantyne defeated Suleman 3:2.

Table Tennis will continue their campaign for Commonwealth glory today.


On Monday 4th October 2010 the squash boys did battle on behalf of SVG.  The following are the eventual scores:

Jules Snagg (SVG) lost to Colin Ramasra (TnT) – 11:5, 11:3 and 11:0.  Othneil Bailey (SVG) lost to Robin Clarke (Can) – 11:9, 11:6 and 11:3 and James Bentick (SVG) lost to Mohd Azlan Iskandar (MAL) – 11:7, 11:3 and 11:0

On Tuesday 5th October 2010 Jules Snagg (SVG) moved ahead from Round 1 winning by default from Yasir Butt (PAK). Othneil Bailey (SVG) who unfortunately lost to Aubrey Taulo (MAW) – 11:9, 6:11, 6:11, 11:6 and 11:6 after showing grit and tenacity which will see this young lad excelling in the near future.  James Bentick (SVG) also lost to Reel Harde (KEN) – 11:6, 11:7 and 11:4.