About the National Olympic Academy


The St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Olympic Academy (NOA) the educational arm of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) was founded in 1992 by Mr. Keith Joseph, then Secretary General of the NOC. The Academy was launched on the 11th November 1992. The fundamental aim of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Olympic Academy is the dissemination of Olympic Education to the peoples of its country, helping them to understand the nature of the Olympic Movement and the basic principles that underlie it. Some of those principles being Fairplay, Honesty, Brotherhood, Perseverance, Sports For All and many other noble principles, including a concern for sport and the environment.
The Academy’s first major undertaking was a Radio Program “Olympism” on the island’s lone radio station.
From inception of the NOA, has sought and utilized every opportunity to train resource personnel and has attended an IOA session every year since 1992.


In November 1995, Ms. Mavis Findlay, on return from the IOA Session for Young Participants, in Olympia, Greece envisaged the idea of forming a children’s branch of the Academy, where children would learn about the Olympic Movement and at the same time pass on the knowledge to their peers. The first Junior Olympian group was formed with children age 8-15, from the Lodge Village Government School. There are now seven branches of the Junior Olympians throughout the country.
In January 1998, as a result of a challenge made at an Academy Session held late in 1997, a youth branch of the Academy catering for youth 16-21 was formed “The Olympic Links”, the rational of the youth branch was to bridge the gap between the Junior Olympians and the leaders of the National Olympic Academy. In February 1998, a Mobile Academy was started, each month a three-hour session that is geared to teachers and community leaders is held in various parts of the country.


Every June, the NOA joins the celebrations of Olympic Week, the highlight being the Olympic Day Run. In November the NOA celebrates its anniversary with a week of activities. At the end of the year an Awards Ceremony is held to recognise outstanding members of the Academy, along with a grand end of year social.


The Academy has held five sessions since being established. Three have targeted adults including teachers and youth leaders. The last session being a regional session for the OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) countries.
The other two have focused on members of the Junior Olympians and the Olympic Links Movement. An international session is scheduled for summer 1998, on mainland St. Vincent.


The Academy has also mounted numerous exhibitions nationwide from artifacts and collectors’ items kept in its Archives and Library at Olympic House.


The Academy ensures its voice is constantly heard through a number of medias. It produces a fifteen minute radio program which is aired on two radio stations, fliers and brochures, regular articles for local newspapers, and a quarterly bulletin documenting its history and work, two manuscripts are also in their final stages before being converted to booklets. Also in keeping with technological advancements, a web page is to be created.
The Academy has also adopted three slogans; ‘Everywhere Olympism, Everywhere Olympic Education’, ‘Those who know facilitate – Those who don’t, Be eager to learn’, and ‘Everywhere an Olympic Academy’, which are used at every opportunity.


The Academy has recently embarked on two new programs aimed at incorporating sport with the environment, and with the artistic expressions, namely, drama, music and dance.
Visits to children institutions are also planned and the tradition of Christmas serenading is maintained.
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