Administrators call for policy implementation

SPEC Director, Dr Iva Gloudon

Administrators of sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines have called for the speedy implementation of the national sports policy drafted by the National Olympic Committee in collaboration with all major stakeholders in the state.

ImageThe call came as the administrators participated in yet another national sports seminar hosted by the NOC at the Red Cross Headquarters in Kingstown. The administrators reasoned that it does appear that there is a certain hesitancy on the part of the government to implement the national sports policy as current established and which has had the approval of the government.
The administrators believe that there is a great need for the government to spend more time working in collaboration with the respective national sports associations if the broader national development process is to be realised. They appealed for an early meeting of minds to stem the slide in the development process.Image
It was also significant that the administrators lamented the fact that the government’s announcement of a ‘wellness revolution’ came without any form of consultation with the national sports association in the state. This was seen as something of a travesty. The stance of the administrators was the same in respect of the government’s ‘pan against crime initiative’ which seemed to suggest that the government has no real appreciation for the fact that sport is the single greatest means of combating crime and delinquency in St Vincent and the Grenadines and indeed in any country.
The administrative seminar featured the Director of the Sports and Physical Education Centre (SPEC) at the UWI St Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago, Dr Iva Gloudon.Image