CACSO visits Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Touched by the optimism of the quetzaltecan people, members of the Central American Sports Organization (Cacso) Caribbean and the Guatemalan Olympic Committee met Saturday a long day of visit to the sporting facilities proposed by the Altense city to house the Central American Games and Caribbean 2018.

The convoy was led by the President of the Guatemalan Olympic Committee, General Sergio Arnoldo Camargo Muralles, who guided the tour six venues in different parts of the metropolitan area of Quetzaltenango. Both staff of the COG, as the volunteer of the municipality of Quetzaltenango, included Mayor Rolando Barrientos, and the Local Committee Pro host at all times supported the development of the day.

After the conclusion of the visit that started from eleven in the morning, General Sergio Camargo said: “I am proud of Quetzaltenango.” We are here to strengthen the candidacy and fight to make “Xela” sports and cultural headquarters of Central America and the Caribbean in 2018. The teamwork is fundamental that all have a same North and fight for goals.”For us the western part of the country plays a very important role in the development of the country”.

Laura Villa, home to horse riding, the seminar San Jose (where could be built a sports court Court), Colegio Liceo Guatemala (where fields are used for training), the sports complex (which has a gym, swimming pool and endorsed by the IAAF tartan track), the Tennis Club of Quetzaltenango and the estadio Mario Camposeco, were shown facilities to the leadership of Cacso, with special attention to the Evaluation Commission, headed by Steve Stoute.



Good prospects 

Although the confirmation of the nomination of Quetzaltenango will be official until the General Assembly of Cacso, headquartered in Cayman Islands, between 25 and 29 October, the leaders of the entity agreed in bringing a good impression of the city.

“We are impressed by what we have seen, from the perspective of the legacy that could leave the games, not just plants, but cultural aspects.” “We will examine the proposal and will see that the games are sustainable for the future,” said Stoute, who at the same time told that they will have until October to discuss technical issues to then deliver recommendations to the Executive Committee.

For its part, Humberto Cintrón, President of the technical Commission recognized: “For Cacso this activity was very significant.” “In addition I have a special word of thanks to the President of the Guatemalan Olympic Committee, for his leadership and local authorities and the Government of Guatemala by the enthusiasm that we have seen around the candidacy of Quetzaltenango”.

The delegation of international officials will tomorrow return to their countries of origin.


Full enthusiasm

The city of Quetzaltenango was moved from early hours for the visit of the retinue of Cacso and the Guatemalan Olympic Committee. In every corner of the recognized venues breathed a climate of positivism and illusion to realize the dream of thousands of quetzaltecos.

Among other activities apart from inspections, the Entourage attended the Convention Center Grand Karmel, where members of Cacso and the COG were recognized as distinguished from authorities mayors visitors.

And to close with a flourish, at the Teatro Municipal was visited Gala with the exhibition of the work by the artistic group Kastajibal Noj, “Cosmic water”, and which was applauded by the twelve members of Cacso and representatives of the Guatemalan Olympic Committee, special guests.The activity was animated by children from various schools and some departmental sports associations.

At the end of the day the convoy moved to the Retalhuleu Irtra, to know what could be an option for lodging during the fair of 2018.