At its General Assembly held at the Marriott Hotel in St Kitts/Nevis  November 2011 CANOC approved the following Commissions:

a.    CANOC Commission for working with TO2015
·      Steve Stoute
·      Donald McLean
·      Judy Simmons
b.    CANOC Commission for clarification/collaboration of LOCOG & Glasgow 2014 Training Grants
·      Don Anderson (JAM)
·      Alfred Emmanuel (LCA)
·      Glenville Jeffers (SKN)
c.    CANOC Caribbean Games Commission
·      Larry Romany (TRI)
·      Chet Greene (ANT)
·      Royston La Hee (GRN)
d.    CANOC Sport & Environment Commission
·      Yassin Juman (GUY)
·      Hans Lawaetz (ISV)
·      Guno Van Der Jagt (SUR)
e.    Olympic Solidarity
·      Keith Joseph (VIN)
·      Jean Baker (HAI)
·      Richard Peterkin (LCA)

By establishing these Commissions we would ensure that the CANOC Members are advised on the various areas for which funding is available from Olympic Solidarity and the PASO Solidarity Programme.
Each Commission would therefore work to encourage and assist CANOC members in preparing and implementing the programmes annually, thereby allowing us to access more deliberately the funds available to each of us.