CANOC/CANPC Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of understanding between the Caribbean Association Of National Olympic Committees and the Caribbean Association Of National Paralympic Committees on cooperation in the promotion of physical activity for all


Considering the existing relationship between the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee and the existing agreements between both organizations

Considering the mandates of both organizations, our mutual interest in developing sport and for the purpose of establishing a longterm mutually beneficial association

Considering the current state of sport in the Caribbean and the immense potential of our athletes

Considering the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Article 30.

The Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (hereinafter referred to as CANOC) and the Caribbean Association of National Paralympic Committees (hereinafter referred to as CANPC), join in the following Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).


Both parties agree to exercise their best efforts to develop the following forms of


1.1.  Engage in joint activities aimed at the promotion of Physical Activity for All as the foundation for healthy lifestyles in the Caribbean

1.2.  Engage in the promotion of the positive values attendant to participation in sport and the striving after excellence in sport

1.3.  Foster closer ties between the two organizations through periodic joint meetings and representation at each other’s General Assemblies

1.4.  To seek to establish NPCs in CANOC member countries where one does not exist

1.5.  To encourage members of both organizations – CANOC and CANPC – to include each other in the several programmes for athletes, coaches, technical officials and administrators aimed at capacity building and enhancing skill competencies

1.6.  To consider the needs of each other in the pursuit of agreements with regional and international organizations and countries in pursuit of mutually beneficial programmes, inclusive of equipment and facilities.


All parties signing this MoU acknowledge:

2.1.  Any articles in this MoU may be amended or revised by the two organizations after consultation and mutual agreement. Any issues not mentioned in this MoU may be resolved through mutual agreement.

2.2.  Nothing in this MoU shall be construed as creating any legal or financial relationships between the parties. This MoU will be constructed as statements of intent to foster genuine and mutually beneficial sporting collaboration.


The parties agree as follows:

3.1.  This MoU becomes effective when signed by the representatives of the organizations. Either participant may, at any time, notify the other of its decision to discontinue this Memorandum of Understanding, but should provide a three-month (90 day) notice of intent to discontinue.

Signed in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, this eight day of November 2013.


 For the CANOC For the CANPC 
 ………………………………  …………………………………
 Steve Stoute (Mr), President

 Kenneth McKell (Mr), President