Mclean still hopes for Mr Olympia

St Vincent and the Grenadines own USA-based professional bodybuilder, Kert McLean, has an undying ambition to contest the Mr Olympia competition which he regards as the one contest that showcases the very best in the world.
He has been pursuing this dream for a number of years, hence his string of successes along the way. At the qualifying contests for the Mr Olympia, however, McLean has not been as successful. McLean who turned professional in 2005, still works and trains after work. This is quite unlike so many other professionals who have secured sponsorship to an extent that facilitates their full-time commitment to a training regimen that guarantees even greater success. At the Eastern USA bodybuilding contest in 2005, McLean did enough to qualify to compete in the PNC Nationals, the qualifier for the Mr Olympia competition. At the PNC Nationals McLean placed fifth, not good enough to go on to his dream, Mr Olympia.
But McLean remains undaunted by the failure yet again to qualify for Mr Olympia. He is committed to getting there and when he steps up in class next year he hopes that he would have done enough training to make it through.
McLean arrived home for the Christmas holidays on Wednesday, 13th December.
Welcome home Kurt!