Nanjing 2014 Virtual Torch Relay App

It gives a brand new interpretation to the  traditional concept of torch relay and shares the YOG DNA to every  ordinary person. By passing on the YOG dream with just a click, everyone  can be a torchbearer. The torch relay grants extraordinary honour to  ordinary people.


The virtual torch relay covers iOS, Android and PC terminals with  apps in 16 different languages. One may register through email or log in  with his/her account at a major SNS, Tencent microblog, QQ or Weibo.

After registration and login, users may design their own image as a  torchbearer, get ready for the relay and take an oath in front of a priestess:  “I will be a torchbearer for Nanjing 2014 and travel around the world with  NANJINGLELE on a youthful journey of torch relay.”  There are 258 sites for the virtual torch relay of Nanjing 2014.

NANJINGLELE, the main torchbearer, will lead all participants through  all of them along an official route, where the sites will open one after  another as scheduled. Each site has its featured elements and the flag and  name of an NOC to make the journey true to life.

The YOG DNA: Carry on the tradition and give a brand new  interpretation”. As an Olympic tradition, the flame of Nanjing 2014 was  kindled at Panathenaic Stadium, Greece, the birthplace of modern  Olympics. Starting from there, the flame will get on an unforgettable journey.

Each site has the four functions of “cheer,” “check-in,” “photo with NANJINGLELE,” and “give me fire”.

“Cheer” is somewhat like the  popular “like” function on SNS, and participants may cheer for an NOC  when arriving at the corresponding site. The more you cheer, the higher  your badge ranks. “Check-in” is also a popular way of online interaction  among young people. The virtual torch relay gives participants a chance to  travel around the world and check in wherever you go. If you check in at a  location together with NANJINGLELE, you will win a high-level gold  badge for that location. If you do a playback of the journey, you will get an  ordinary badge. The number of gold badges you win will be closely linked  to physical award.

“Photo with NANJINGLELE” is a special function  available at the site where NANJINGLELE is. At such a site, participants  may click to take a photo with NANJINGLELE, keep the photo in cell  phone, or share it via SNS. “Give me fire” is an innovative way to pass on  the torch created for Nanjing 2014. It simulates the real moves when the  torch is handed over. When two cell phones meet, the torch is handed over,  so young participants may meet friends in real life instead of interacting  only behind screens. When there are other participants nearby, one may take out his cell phone, touch the “give me fire” icon, choose “send” or  “get”, then shake their cell phones together and the relay is completed. In  this way, we combine online and offline activities, and fulfill the goal of  combining the virtual and the physical torch relays.

In addition, the virtual torch relay app also works as a pedometer, in  the hope that young participants may be encouraged to do more exercise.

When the pedometer count reaches certain levels, virtual badges will be  awarded. If you share your pedometer count via SNS to show a special  number, the flashing number will accompany you throughout your torch  relay journey.

To attract more young participants, there are also three interesting  games embedded in the app. Frenzy Cycling is a game where players control NANJINGLELE to ride a bike on a competition course by making  alternate clicks. It aims at encouraging young participants to use the eco-  friendly way of transport. NANJINGLELE Match is a game where players  flap tiles to find those bearing the same image. It helps improve their  memory and enhance their awareness of the sports and venues of Nanjing  2014. Spot The Difference of China shows Chinese-style images in the popular game of “Find the Difference”, catering to people of all ages. It  offers a chance for people around the world to know more about China,  Nanjing 2014, and the city of Nanjing.

SNS sharing is a highlight of the virtual torch relay incorporated in  the apps for different terminals. Users may share their badges obtained by  checking in or fulfilling tasks, pedometer data, photo with  NANJINGLELE, and “give me fire” records to social networking sites,  showing what they achieved in the virtual torch relay to their friends.

A wide variety of virtual badges as well as physical awards can be  obtained throughout the process of the virtual torch relay. Virtual badges  can be obtained by checking in at various relay sites and fulfilling different  tasks. There are location-specific badges to collect, and all badges you win will be displayed on the badge page. There are check-in badges and task  badges. If you follow NANJINGLELE to a place and check in there, you  will win a gold location badge, or you will only get an ordinary one when  checking in. There are eight task badges in total: the torchbearer badge, the cheer badge, the photo badge, the “give me fire” badge, the pedometer  badge, the Frenzy Cycling badge, the NANJINGLELE Match badge, and  the Spot The Difference of China badge. All task badges have different  levels and the more active your participation, the higher your badge level.

Physical awards can be divided into material awards and honourary awards.

Material awards include Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Tablet, etc.

while honourary awards include a doll of NANJINGLELE, the mascot of Nanjing 2014, event tickets of the Games, physical torchbearer badges, etc.

For participants to better know the virtual torch relay and Nanjing  2014 on the whole, we have set up a dedicated page to provide information  about the Youth Olympic Games, the torch relay of Nanjing 2014,  highlights of the torch relay, award winner lists, ticketing of the Games,  activity rules, and news of the Games.

Generally, the virtual torch relay caters to young people, makes full  use of social media tools, and provides a variety of virtual and physical  awards. It is interesting, easy to participate in, and highly interactive and  educational. By promoting such an app, we strive to get more young people  involved, cover a wider range of users, and break the geographic limit.

Thus, we will be able to help participants know more about Olympics,  spread the Olympic spirit, encourage more young people to go outdoors  and do exercise, and showcase Nanjing 2014 and the city to people around  the globe.

It is our sincere hope that this app specially designed for Nanjing 2014 can  present a virtual torch relay that is truly “youth-oriented, pleasantly  surprising and memorable.”