Olympic Week Concluded

The St Vincent and the Grenadines National Olympic Committee has just concluded its week of activities that commemorated Olympic Week 2006.
With the support of members of the Olympic Family, affiliates and members of the general public, the week just ended has been hailed by all as a ‘resounding success.’
Church Service – 18th June 2006
Annually, the Executive Committee begins the Week with a Church Service. This year was no exception. The service was held at the Evangelical Church, Kingstown.

Games Evening – 22nd June 2006
This year’s Games Evening proved to be a most memorable occasion because of the large number of participants. People from all sporting disciplines came together and engaged in the playing of Indoor Games such as dominoes, cards, scrabble etc.

Junior Olympians Camp – 23 – 25 June
Junior Olympians, aged 8 – 15 years, from all areas of St Vincent and the Grenadines were not to be left out of the planning by the NOC. On Friday evening, two buses with some 42 children and 5 administrators of the National Olympic Academy left the NOC Headquarters and journeyed to the Richmond Vale Academy at the northern end of the country.
The programme for the Camp was centred on teaching the chilren more about the Olympic Movement whilst allowing them to engage in some sporting activities.
These young sports enthusiasts reported that the Camp was fun and that it provided them with a tremendous amount of knowledge about  the Olympic Movement and its founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

Olympic Day Run – 26 June 2006
The Olympic Day Run climaxed the week of activities as some two hundred persons took to the streets, running around capital city, Kingstown.
Before the start of the annual Run, the Olympic Committee held some fun athletic activities on the Grammar School Playing Field. The Junior Olympians also had the opportunity to display some of the art and craft that they had created on the Camp.