Please for some planning to impact sports development

The situation in respect of sports development in St Vincent and the Grenadines now appears to be in tatters and this simply because of the almost total absence of planning.
The fact of St Vincent and the Grenadines hosting some warm up matches prior to the commencement of World Cricket Cup 2007 has obviously sent the authorities in this country in some sort of tailspin. Suddenly some people apparently see an opportunity for them to engage in grandstanding and hopefully improve their social status.  

The rush to expend monies on Arnos Vale, Sion Hill and Stubbs is once more being done without the full involvement of those who should know what sports planning is all about.
One can only hazard a guess that at some stage, probably when many of those responsible have died, this country would once more be back to the point we are at now, questioning why it was that the generation at the time failed to do the planning that such a major undertaking should have necessitated.
We are now hearing that in the same ad hoc manner of past generations and administrations, the Secondary Schools have taken the ill-advised and ill-informed decision to abandon the Inter Secondary Athletics Meet that has long been traditional to move in the direction of an Inter Zone Secondary Schools Championships. The reason is simple – the absence of any foresight and planning means that there are no venues capable of hosting the annual Inter Secondary Schools Athletics Meet.
What else is new?
After being in existence for several years neither the NSC nor the Department of Sports have ever been able to convince the authorities of the importance of a facility of some stature besides Arnos Vale.
It takes the pending warm up matches prior to World Cup 2007 to force us into recognition of this embarrassing reality of our chronic failure to plan.