Sandy Bay claims Women in Sport titles

Sandy Bay claimed top honours in the Women in Sports, Sports Day, held at the London Playing Field, Sandy Bay on Saturday 29 May 2010.

The home team displayed great skill and teamwork to lead the way ahead of the neighbouring communities.

Organised by the National Olympic Committee’s Women in Sport Commission, headed by Patricia Fraser, the activities got going with the Kids in Athletics competition. The event featured teams of 10 members each drawn from Sandy Bay, Owia, Fancy, Overland and Orange Hill. Each team was involved in four stations laid out by head of Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines Kids in Athletics (KIA) coach, Rosmund Griffith. At the conclusion Sandy Bay proved a comfortable winner.

Then it was the turn of the women cricketers to take to the competition arena. Sandy Bay and Overland Combined led by West Indies batting and fielding star, Juliana Nero, with support from her sister, Keisha and national netballer, Debbie Jordan, swept to an easy victory over Fancy in the finals.

The final competition was in Women’s Volleyball. This competition, overseen by president of the SVG Volleyball Federation, Angus Martin, saw perhaps the most keenly contested finals of the entire day. Overland pushed Sandy Bay to three games in losing effort.

Parliamentary representative, Hon Montgomery Daniel, delivered a brief address while remarks came from Patricia Fraser and Angus Martin.

Fraser expressed her enthusiasm with the project and the eagerness of parents, coaches, teachers and children alike to ensure its realisation.

For his part Hon Daniel commended the organisers and noted the abundance of talent resident in the area north of the Rabacca Dry River. He pointed to the several sporting projects being undertaken by the current administration to facilitate greater involvement by all in sport. He noted that some of the men were a bit envious about the fact that it was all about women but the activity showed the capacity of the women in sport.

General Secretary of the NOC, Keith Joseph and Director of Physical Education and Sport, Nelson Hillocks, were also on hand for the day’s events.